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A Traditionally Grounded Prince George’s County Based Law Firm That Changes with the Times

Personal Injury, Divorce, Real Estate, and Medical Malpractice Lawyers Serving D.C. Metro Area, Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Baltimore City and all of Maryland

The core of MR&R's philosophy is to combine the traditional, goal-oriented values of hard work with the most modern approaches to the practice of law. This core value has served the Prince George’s County based law firm well and has allowed MR&R to successfully build a solid reputation in the legal community for its handling of its clients' legal concerns.

In resolving the legal concerns of its clients, MR&R has utilized traditional approaches valued in the legal profession as well as novel applications of the law. The firm has learned over its many years of serving individual and corporate clientele throughout Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Baltimore City and the Washington Metropolitan area that the law is a pliable and powerful tool that is constantly changing with our world.
As the law firm grew from its beginnings in the mid-1970s, economic challenges intensified and its clients' legal problems became increasingly sophisticated and complex. Today, MR&R maintains its progressive, forward-looking approach to the practice of law. MRR is continually responding to technological advances in the state of legal services by adding support services, technological equipment, and skilled personnel as necessary to maintain an innovative, full-service law firm.

Presently, MR&R is divided into legal practice areas, where attorneys and support staff work together in a team effort, focusing upon serving clients within a specific area of the law. Each practice area is supervised and staffed by experienced attorneys who are knowledgeable in their respective fields -- and experienced in representing clients with a wide variety of legal issues within their chosen practice area. (These practice areas are itemized in the right sidebar.)

The MR&R Advantage

With this division of labor into focused areas of practice, combined with a tiered system within each practice area to maximize efficiency, MR&R is able to provide effective and cost-efficient legal services to its clientele. Additionally, the firm is able to provide clients with immediate crossover expertise into other legal areas when their issues require expertise in that related area of the law.

Merely by involving firm attorneys within the firm from these other focus groups, MR&R is able to give each of its clients an advantage that they may not be able to find elsewhere. MR&R has strong and independent legal thinkers who take pride in their ability to work together for maximum benefit to every client.

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