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Maryland Health Care Attorneys

Lawyers Serving D.C. Metro Area, including Prince George’s County, Montgomery County, Baltimore City and all of Maryland

For health care professionals today, whether individual providers or institutions,  the health care environment is not only medically complex, it is also legally complicated. It’s a reality that faces those practicing in Maryland just as much as it is for those that practice medicine or provide health care in the D.C. area, Prince George’s County and across the country.  

Tomorrow’s health care horizon seems to be filled with more and more legal twists and turns, making the practice of medicine and the providing of health care ever more problematical and difficult in their day to day operations.  Between convoluted laws and rapidly advancing science and technology, there does not seem to be a relief to the stresses of modern health care in sight.  

Physicians are confronted with the spectra of malpractice allegations, issues concerning the withholding or withdrawal of treatment as well as contractual relationships with hospitals and other health care providers. Problems involving labor and management, clinical services, business venture arrangements and the pros and cons of various practice structures frequently arise.

Hospitals have related concerns, such as structuring appropriate contractual relationships with physicians and alternative delivery systems, ensuring the completeness and continuity of medical staff bylaws, enforcing discipline against physicians and minimizing risks while maximizing quality care.

Representing Health Care Providers, Individuals and Institutions

The health care attorneys at MR&R have experience in effectively dealing with all manner of problems for health care providers, whether individual physicians or large institutions in Prince George’s County and the state of Maryland. Currently, the firm's health care attorneys serve as counsel to a major suburban health care provider that operates two hospitals; a free-standing emergency clinic; and a large nursing home as well as representing individual physicians.

Legal Guidance in All Manner of Health Care Issues and Transactions

The firm’s medical law attorneys offer legal advice on a wide range of issues that impact the daily operations of these health care providers, as well as their long term goals and the individual issues that occasionally arise.  In its role as counsel, the firm has drafted and enforced the hospitals' medical staff bylaws, negotiated and drafted contracts with physicians in hospital-based departments, rendered numerous formal and informal opinions and reviewed and drafted internal hospital policies and contracts with external organizations.

Litigation Support When Claims Are Made or Lawsuits Are Filed

Additionally, when conflicts arise and its health care clients face claims or lawsuits, MR&R trial lawyers advocate on behalf of the medical professional with an aggressive and vigorous approach designed to maximize protection of the client’s interests.  MR&R attorneys have represented health care clients before the trial courts of Maryland as well as appearing on their behalf before numerous administrative and legislative bodies throughout Maryland and especially Prince George's County.

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