Frederick, MD (November 29, 2023) – The Maryland State Police confirmed that a deputy with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office was injured as a result of a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Frederick County. The collision occurred just before 6:00 a.m. on November 28.

According to reports from the police, a two-vehicle collision occurred on the eastbound lanes of Interstate 70 during the morning hours. The crash involved a patrol vehicle and a second vehicle, both of which came to rest blocking the interstate near Maryland State Route 65. The incident prompted officials to close the roadway for an extended period.

The sheriff's deputy was injured in the accident. The victim was treated on-site and transported by ambulance to Meritus Medical Center for further care. The police are currently investigating the crash.

We hope the injured victim recovers quickly.

Car Accidents in Maryland

Frederick, MD – One Hurt in I-75 Crash near MD-65Car accidents can be devastating and result in a range of injuries, including spinal cord and internal organ injuries. These types of injuries can have long-lasting effects on the victim's physical and emotional well-being.

Spinal cord injuries can lead to paralysis or the loss of sensation below the site of the injury. Unfortunately, victims who suffer these injuries often have to rely on other people in medical devices indefinitely.

Internal organ injuries are another common type of injury reported in vehicle collisions. These accidents can involve cases where organs rupture or bleed. This can include injuries to the lungs, spleen, liver, kidneys, and other vital organs. Unfortunately, these injuries can be life-threatening and require extensive medical treatment.

Not only do victims face significant emotional and physical consequences, but they often face financial burdens as well. In the aftermath of an automobile accident, victims may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to seek justice for their injuries and damages. However, by enlisting the help of a skilled Maryland car accident lawyer, individuals can increase their chances of obtaining the compensation they deserve. Our team is committed to advocating for our clients' rights and providing them with personalized legal guidance throughout the entire process.

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