Mardela Springs, MD (August 18, 2023) – On August 17, emergency crews out of Mardela Springs responded to the scene of a motor vehicle accident that ended in injuries.

At around 8:45 p.m., a collision between vehicles occurred in the area of Route 50 and Old Railroad Road. The incident prompted authorities to close down multiple lanes at the intersection while clearing the scene.

EMS responded to care for the injured victims. Victims were transported to area hospitals for further medical care.

The crash is being investigated by the Maryland State Police - Salisbury Barrack at this time.

We hope those harmed due to this accident recover quickly.

Car Accidents in Maryland

Mardela Springs, MD – Crash at US-50 & Old Railroad Rd Ends in InjuriesCar crashes in Maryland leave more than 100,000 people injured annually. Many of the crashes that take place in our state are preventable. Most people are not prepared to deal with the impacts that a motor vehicle accident can have on their lives. Dealing with painful injuries can be mentally and physically exhausting. Being unable to work for several weeks can make it challenging to cover your living expenses and get the medical care you need. The medical bills start rolling in quickly as well, which just makes the situation even more difficult.

Although many drivers are careful while traveling along our roadways, we see a significant amount of crashes caused by negligence. Drivers who enter the road while impaired by drugs or alcohol, motorists who text and call people on their phones, and other people who engage in reckless and malicious acts while operating their vehicles cause severe consequences for inspecting drivers sharing the road.

If you were hurt in an accident as a result of another person's actions, there may be legal options available to help you deal with the struggles you face during the recovery process. Our knowledgeable Maryland car accident lawyers can help you protect your legal rights moving forward.

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Note: This article was written utilizing a variety of outside resources, such as news reports and eyewitness testimony. Our writing team has not independently verified any of the information regarding this accident. If you locate any information about this accident that is not correct, please contact Meyers, Rodbell, & Rosenbaum. PA right away so that we can correct the inaccuracies and update the post with the correct information. 

Disclaimer:  This post is not a solicitation for business. None of the information provided in this post is meant to be medical or legal advice. The photo used in this post was not taken at the accident of this accident. 

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