Salisbury, MD (July 6, 2023) – The Fruitland Police Department responded to the scene of an automobile accident in the Salisbury area that ended in injuries. At around 1:40 p.m. on July 5, calls for assistance were received regarding a crash on Pine Bluff Road.

Vehicles were involved in a crash on the roadway, prompting the closure of multiple lanes near South Salisbury Boulevard.

EMS responded to care for the injured victims and to provide them with transportation to local hospitals.

The police remained at the scene extensively to clear the road and investigate. The investigations into the crash are currently ongoing.

We hope those hurt as a result of this crash recovered quickly.

Car Accidents in Maryland

Salisbury, MD – Police Respond to Injury Accident on Pine Bluff Rd near S Salisbury RdApproximately 43% of all accidents in Maryland take place at intersections. Unfortunately, negligence often contributes to these accidents occurring. One of the primary causes of intersection accidents is drivers who recklessly run red lights. Disregarding traffic signals and failing to stop as required often leads to collisions with other vehicles. Unfortunately, this dangerous behavior occurs all too frequently throughout Maryland.

There are also many accidents that are caused by drivers who ignore stop signs. These signs are specifically installed to ensure the safe passage of motorists at intersections. However, when drivers choose to disregard them and proceed without stopping, they become a danger to others, potentially causing severe harm through collisions with other vehicles.

Distractions also play a significant role in intersection accidents. When drivers divert their attention away from the road, they may fail to notice stop signs or red lights. Consequently, they may unknowingly proceed through intersections and collide with unsuspecting vehicles.

Given the nature of intersection accidents, one or more vehicles involved often end up in rollover situations. The front-to-side impact common in these collisions increases the likelihood of rollovers. Even if a vehicle doesn't roll over, the chances of sustaining serious injuries in these accidents remain significant.

If you have been injured in a car crash in Salisbury, you may have the option to pursue a personal injury claim against the at-fault party. Seeking the assistance of a skilled Salisbury car accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and pursue appropriate legal action following your collision.

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