Alcoholic Beverage Laws and Liquor Licensing Requirements Vary Widely in Maryland and D.C.

In Maryland, Licensing Laws Vary From County To County

Alcoholic beverage licensing can be especially complicated for retailers in Maryland, where each county has its own set of regulations.   Retailers with multiple statewide locations are therefore required to meet specific restrictions for each different county in which they operate. Some counties have residency requirements that require applicants to live in the county for a year or more or to own property in the county before a liquor license can be granted.  In many counties in Maryland there are restrictions on the number of licenses available and in the District of Columbia there are moratorium zones where new licenses generally cannot be issued.

Our firm is dedicated to assisting clients to both obtain and maintain the ability to sell and serve alcoholic beverages. We routinely assist hotels, bars, clubs, casinos, liquor stores, restaurants, and other retailers, both large and small in alcoholic beverage licensing matters, including:

  • Obtaining licenses and legal authorization for wholesale and retail sales, distribution, transportation, storage, importation, and manufacturing of alcoholic beverages at both the State and County levels.
  • Formation and structuring of business entities that sell or serve alcohol.
  • Assisting clients in becoming state lottery agents.
  • Distribution, trademark rights, and labeling for breweries and distilleries.
  • Performing liquor license renewals and transfers.
  • Defending against protested license renewals, transfers
  • Investigating and defending liquor board violations.
  • Conducting independent audits to ensure compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act, the Patriot Act and other post-9/11 compliance requirements for clients who are or wish to become authorized check cashing or other money service businesses.
  • Drafting and negotiation of lease and purchase agreements (and related escrow and closing services).
  • Acquiring other necessary permits and business licenses.

 Benefit From Our Experience!

We are well known in the community for representing our clients’ licensing and regulatory needs before the various alcoholic beverage licensing authorities, throughout the Washington Baltimore corridor and the State of Maryland. We have also prepared clients for appearances before the Maryland Comptroller, as well as the Maryland circuit and appellate courts. Our attorneys understand the economics behind running successful liquor stores, restaurants, bars, and other venues that serve alcoholic beverages, and enjoy trusted relationships with the members, staff, and inspectors of liquor boards throughout the region.

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