Our health care law team can provide legal advice to hospitals and individuals in Maryland and the D.C. area who need assistance with:

  • Physician partnerships. We advise physicians on their contractual relationships with hospitals while working together with family or business partnerships. Our attorneys have helped health care providers create business venture arrangements, discussed the pros and cons of various practice structures, settled disputes involving labor and management, and negotiated physician contracts.
  • Institutional policies. Our medical law attorneys can prevent legal battles from the very beginning, helping to organize and solidify corporate health care structure. We have drafted institutional medical staff bylaws, established long-term goals and guidelines for daily operations, and negotiated and drafted contracts with physicians and external organizations in hospital-based departments. When necessary, we have also enforced internal hospital policies to discipline physicians and minimize risk to the institution.
  • Litigation support. Our health care attorneys are not just adept in creating internal policies, they are also aggressive trial lawyers. When medical clients face claims or lawsuits, we advocate vigorously to maximize protection of our client’s interests. Our attorneys have represented health care clients accused of malpractice and withholding or withdrawal of treatment before the trial courts of Maryland, as well as appearing on their behalf before numerous administrative and legislative bodies.

How Our Wide Knowledge of Legal Topics Can Benefit Your Case

At Meyers, Rodbell & Rosenbaum, P.A., we choose each of our on-staff attorneys based on their expertise in a certain area of law. As health care laws often overlap with other state and federal regulations, our health care attorneys can easily consult with other lawyers in our firm to find the best solution to complex litigation concerns.

No matter what your requirements are, our attorneys can help you with each stage of litigation. Call our toll-free number on this page today to discuss your legal needs with an attorney.