Maryland Attorneys Skilled in Land Use Planning, Development

Lawyers Serving Prince George’s County

With over forty years of collective experience, the land use attorneys at MR&R regularly represent zoning clients in Prince George’s County for the purpose of securing approval for the establishment of all types of industrial and commercial and residential uses such as:

  • Research and technology parks;
  • Major employment centers;
  • Residential communities;
  • Mining and wet processing of sand and gravel;
  • Landfills and other types of solid waste disposal facilities;
  • Automobile service stations;
  • Learning and day care centers;
  • Medical facilities; and
  • Senior housing.

With their wealth of experience, MR&R zoning lawyers are familiar with the land development trends in Prince George’s County and have the capability to take sites through all phases of development including:

  • Re-zonings;
  • Special exceptions;
  • Master plan and sectional map amendments;
  • Subdivisions;
  • Water and sewer category changes;
  • Solid waste plan amendments;
  • Site plan reviews;
  • Variances;
  • Administrative and judicial appeals from administrative decisions;
  • Obtaining permit approvals; and
  • Lobbying on behalf of clients' interests before local and state governing bodies.

The governmental agencies MR&R routinely deals with include the Prince George's County Council; departments within Prince George's County Government; Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission; Prince George's County Board of Appeals; Prince George's County Health Department; and municipalities located within Prince George's County.

Environmental issues;

  • Floodplain;
  • Wetlands;
  • Critical area legislation;
  • Tree stand delineations;
  • Adequate public facilities issues;
    • Transportation;
    • Education;
    • Police and fire fighting capability;
    • Water capacity and availability;
    • Sewer capacity and availability; and
  • Recreational issues.

The MR&R Advantage

One of the unique contributions that MR&R zoning attorneys make to their clients is their ability to work in conjunction with other departments within the law firm, taking full and immediate advantage of the expertise of other lawyers within the firm.  

Working as a team, our Prince George’s County zoning lawyers work with their colleagues, their consulting experts, and their clients, guiding and assisting clients at all levels of sophistication and land development experience from initially locating appropriate parcels of land through the contract, acquisition and settlement phases, including the financing of acquisition and construction, to project completion and issuance of final occupancy permits.