We rely on input from our clients to be the best we can be. On our testimonials page, our clients describe the type of legal issues they were having, how we addressed their concerns and fought for their rights, and what the potential effects could have been without our help. 

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  • With much gratitude, please accept my thanks for your resolution of my collision case. I grew up with the phrase that it’s not necessarily what you know, but more importantly, who you know. So, when I was smashed up in my car, I ran to my family law firm: Shapiro Zwanetz And Lake. David Zwanetz Esquire immediately sent me to the best specialist he knew, Paul Turkheimer, my “new best friend”. With no out of pocket expenses, Paul immediately put into action a complete plan of medical and financial recovery. No fanfare, just honest, expert, and sincere representation. Happily, it’s who you know in these matters. As a result of may association with Paul Turkheimer I received fair and “handsome” compensation for disruption in my life. I hope there will be no “next time”, but if there is, I can think of no better friend than Paul Turkheimer.